What is Casual Dating?

Casual dating is the modern way for like-minded adults to experience all the pleasures of an intimate relationship with none of the pressure. The demands of a busy working life, studies or hobbies, often leave no room for commitment to a full relationship but the physical and emotional advantages an active love life bring can't be ignored. That´s where casual dating comes in.

C-date allows you to be upfront about your needs and desires from the start. Potential partners know what you are looking for and how much commitment you can give.

The internet is the meeting place for 90% of casual daters and with good reason. Many women feel uncomfortable with picking up strangers for a One Night Stand. Men want to stay anonymous too, and having an affair can have its risks. C-date is the new way to your next erotic encounter.

There are so many portals for casual dating in Australia, thus it is very hard to discover the best one for your region yourself. In addition to that, the quality is different from region to region. C-date is test winner for Casual Dating and Adventures on several dating comparison sites. C-date is also strong in the regions.

It's free to register and there's absolutely no obligation.

Experience a new type of dating
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